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Technology Forecasts Future Of Print In Digital Signage

Turning static print into animated displays, ActivPrint employs programmable e-paper technology and animation combined with the latest design techniques to bring promotional materials to life, in any shape and with up to ten animation steps. According to the company, for users not quite ready for video and/or print is not good enough, ActivPrint handles standard or custom shapes, operates up to a year on two AA batteries, and consumes little power. The technology uses black (negatively charged) and white (positively charged) pigment microcapsules. Injecting positive or negative current through it enables control of which color microcapsules come to the surface (become visible). This has the effect of turning on positively charged white microcapsules and making the image visible or, by turning on the black, negatively charged microcapsules, making the image invisible. For more details, contact Dusty Perryman at DIGITAL VIEW INC., Morgan Hill, CA. (408) 782-7773.


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