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Test And Measurement Application Software Adds Robust Functionality

Complete with functionality normally found only in standalone packages, DT Measure Foundry 3.0 application software eases the creation of powerful, PC-based test and measurement applications. This new version of the software is available with a library of more than 200 math functions. Also, a multifunctional Formula Evaluator tool allows users to combine information from data and control channels into one formula.

DT Measure Foundry 3.0's OPC Tool lets users access OPC hardware (programmable logic controllers, distributed control systems, etc.) as data sources and create graphical user interfaces in their DT Measure Foundry applications. Users can toggle between panels or activate functions in the application with a single keystroke using the Hot Key feature. A DT Measure Foundry application can also replace the Windows desktop, turning a standard PC into an instrument (see the figure).

To simplify complex projects, the Application Inspector displays a tree-style overview of an application detailing the connections between its data sources, control sources, and events as well as the data flow among them. This visual representation simplifies the design, development, and debugging of applications. A Debug Tool isolates event-driven errors in the unlikely event that an application does not execute properly at run-time.

With the Data Translation Information Exchange (DTiX), another new feature, users can share variable and image data between DT Measure Foundry and DT Vision Foundry, the company's machine vision software. Users can perform measurement tasks that integrate sensor and vision data, correlating the results under a single user interface.

The DT Measure Foundry Software Development Kit (SDK) is an open software interface specification that enables users to develop connections to any vendor's data sources. DT Measure Foundry 3.0 runs on Windows 2000 and XP and is available for immediate order with delivery within 30 days. The application software costs $249.

Data Translation Inc.; (800) 525-8528.

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