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Test & Measurement: Adjustable-Threshold Cable Tester Suits Low-CCost Resistance Tests

Low-cost resistor and diode testing is possible with the Signature 1000RX self-programming cable tester. It comes standard with 138 test points and an optional add-on box. Cables, harnesses, and other wired devices can be tested for shorts, open circuits, and miswiring with settable connection resistance thresholds of 0.1 V to 10 kV. Low-voltage insulation resistance thresholds are settable from 100 kV to 5 MV. It displays point-to-point wire lists in plain English on its two-line by 16-character LCD. Also, it can identify a wire by touch for the purposes of guided assembly. A parallel interface is standard, while a serial interface is optional. Price is $955

Cirrus Systems Corp.
(801) 973-4600

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