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Test & Measurement: Analyzer Automates Jitter Tests On Devices To 40 GHz

The MP1797A jitter analyzer performs the five most common jitter measurements on 40G transmission devices in accordance with ITU-T Standard O.172. The system uses customized jitter software, a built-in jitter generator and jitter receiver, and high-performance O/E and E/O modules to make jitter generation, jitter tolerance, jitter sweep, jitter transfer, and frequency sweep tests. The jitter generator outputs a 39.81312-GHz jittered clock with jitter modulation frequencies to 320 MHz and modulation amplitudes to 16,000 UI p-p. In addition to a 1/1 clock, the analyzer has 1/16 and 1/64 clock outputs so it can perform very accurate transponder tests. Used with the jitter generator and a BERT transmitter, the E/O module converts 25- to 43-Gbit/s NRZ electrical data to optical NRZ data for transmission. The O/E unit receives the optical signal, recovers the jitter clock, and transmits the signal to the jitter receiver. The MX179701A application software makes all measurements automatically and can display results in chart form. The MP1797A pricing is available on request. Delivery is in 20 weeks.

Anritsu Corp.

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