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Test & Measurement: Data Loggers Feature Radio Link To Handheld Collector

The RTR-50 series wireless data loggers come in four versions and work with a handheld RTR-57C data collector that can receive the transmitted data remotely. This ability to download stored or real-time data via a wireless radio link means users do not have bring a laptop to the data-collection site or return the data logger to a PC for data retrieval. The RTR-57C can store 256,000 readings from up to 250 logging sessions. The backlit LCD can display real-time data or charts of downloaded data. A USB interface and the T&D Recorder for Windows software package enables data to be transferred to a PC and displayed as graphs or tables or to be exported to other software for analysis. The four models of data loggers include the RTR-51 with an internal temperature sensor, the RTR-52 with an external temperature sensor, the RTR-53 with a combined external temperature and relative humidity sensor, and the RVR-52, which measures voltage, pulse count, or event time. The RTR data loggers start at less than $200, and the RTR data collector costs under $500.

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