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Test & Measurement: Device Analyzer Combines CV-IV Measurements In One Unit

The B1500A semiconductor device analyzer offers a complete, self-contained, and expandable solution for parametric characterization and analysis of 65-nm lithographies and beyond. The 10-slot modular instrument features a Windows-based graphical user interface and supports the company's easyEXPERT software, which provides a top-down approach to device characterization. The mainframe accommodates three types of source-measurement units (SMUs): high-resolution, medium-power, and high-power. A multifrequency capacitance measurement unit is also available, and a 4.2-A ground unit is included with each mainframe. The B1500A makes both capacitance-versus-voltage (CV) and current-versus-voltage (IV) measurements. The EasyEXPERT software supplies a library of device application tests. After the user makes a few selections, such as device type and technology, the software selects the appropriate settings, makes the measurements, analyzes the data, and displays it graphically. The B1500A starts at $45,000 for a basic four-SMU IV measurement solution and $58,000 for a basic CV-IV solution. It's available for order now, with shipments expected in August.

Agilent Technologies

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