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Test & Measurement: DSO/MSO Series Offers Wide Range of Performance To 1-GHz Bandwidth

A family of digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs) and mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSOs) offers a choice of 300-MHz, 500-MHz, and 1-GHz bandwidths. The 300-MHz versions have 2-Gsample/s sampling rates, and the higher-bandwidth instruments feature 4-Gsample/s rates. All three series come as DSOs with two or four channels or as MSOs with two scope channels and 16 logic channels or four scope channels and 16 logic channels. 1-Mpoint memories are standard on all 12 scopes, while 2-Mpoint and 8-Mpoint memories are optional. The company's third-generation MegaZoom III display technology allows the scopes to capture nonrepeating signals while maintaining high sample rates. The high-resolution (1024 by 768) XGA display supports 256 levels of color-intensity grades. Flexible triggering capabilities make it easy to isolate and analyze complex signals. Standard trigger functions include I2C, CAN, LIN, USB, SPI, and video. The scopes come with LAN (Ethernet), GPIB, and USB 2.0 interfaces, including a front-panel USB port for easy downloading of waveforms to memory devices. Prices range from $5595 to $16,995. Customer-installable DSO-to-MSO upgrades start at $1800.

Agilent Technologies Inc.
(800) 452-4844

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