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Test & Measurement: Handheld Analyzer Helps Test Cellular GSM/CDMA Basestations

A CDMA/GSM transmitter analyzer, an interference analyzer, a built-in source, a channel scanner, and DS0/VF channel access are all merged into a single 5-lb handheld instrument that can properly deploy, install, and maintain cellular basestations. With the Cell Master MT8212B, users can measure RF channel power, frequency error, occupied bandwidth, and noise floor on CDMA signals. An option enables it to demodulate cdmaOne and cdma2000 1xRTT signals. It also can display Code domain, channel, and pilot power, as well as frequency error, waveform quality, pilot time tolerance, pilot Ec/Io, and carrier feedthrough. Price is $13,950.

Anritsu Co.
(408) 778-2000

TAGS: Components
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