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Test & Measurement: Pulse Generators Multiplex Up To Eight Channels Onto One Pulse Train

The 9500 Plus series of pulse generators lets users multiplex several channel pulses onto one output to create complex pulse trains suitable for a variety of applications in R&D and test labs. Operators can synchronize up to eight events or instruments and digitally control up to eight independent channels using a menu-driven interface with a four-line display and alphanumeric keypad. The generator will store 12 sets of configurations for future reuse. Delay ranges of 0 to 1000 s and pulse widths of 10 ns to 1000 s are available. Operating modes include continuous, burst, duty cycle, and single-shot with external trigger/gate. Resolution is 1 ns, and jitter is less than 400 ps. Standard interfaces include RS-232, USB, and GPIB. Ethernet is optional. Prices start at $1740.

Quantum Composers
(406) 582-0227

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