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Test & Measurement: Thermometer/Anemometer Works In Hard-To-Reach Locations

The Meterman TMA10 thermometer/anemometer measures air velocity and temperatures for residential, commercial, and industrial high-voltage and air-conditioning systems. Developed by Wavetek, the meter measures and displays air velocity in feet per minute (FPM), air volume, and cubic feet per minute (CFM). Its standard detachable vane and expandable cord allow it be used in hard-to-reach spots. The display indicates measurements in °C or °F with a full range of display options, including Data Hold, Min., Max., and Average readings from a single-point air source. Optional data-acquisition software and an RS-232 cable are also available. The TMA10 goes for $199.95.

Meterman Test Tools
www.metermantest tools.com
(877) 596-2680

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