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Test & Measurement: Versatile Function Generator Combines Multiple Capabilities

A variety of analog and digital applications can take advantage of the Model 4012A sweep/function generator, which combines several capabilities into one device. The unit generates sine, square, or triangle waves over a 0.5-Hz to 5-MHz range. A built-in frequency counter and four-digit LED display in concert with coarse and fine-tuning controls produce a more accurate setting of output frequency. A continuously variable dc offset allows the output to be injected directly into circuits at the correct bias level. The unit offers linear and log sweep capability at variable sweep rates. Variable symmetry of the output waveform converts the instrument to a pulse generator to create rectangular waves or pulses, ramp or saw tooth waves, and slewed sine waves. The Model 4012A costs $355 and is available for immediate delivery.

B&K Precision Corp.
(714) 921-9095

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