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Tester Accurately Measures Spectra From Wide Range Of Sources

Designed to provide a new level of accuracy and ease-of-use in making spectral measurements, the WaveStar PC Spectrometer can measure spectra from a wide variety of sources, including continuous and pulsed sources from microwatts to watts in intensity. The instrument has a spectral response of 570-1100 nm for Model V and 350-635 nm for Model U. Other key features include: the ability to automatically find and tag peak wavelengths to 0.1 nm accuracy; up to 4X higher resolution when compared to other instruments; the ability to plug into parallel ports without use of a PC card; photodiode triggering to capture single shot events; complete set of fiber adapters and attenuators; and true NIST traceable intensity vs. wavelength display. The unit is available with interchangeable filters, which, together with the variable shutter speed, allows easy and accurate measurements from any type of source. The sophisticated peak interpolation algorithms reportedly permit the user to easily find peak wavelengths of lines at up to 10X the accuracy of competing instruments.


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