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TFEL Display Comes Packaged With Power-Saving Electronics

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At 189 x 108 x 22.5 mm, the 480.240 thin-film electroluminescent (TFEL) matrix display module represents the largest such display offered by the company. The 480 x 240-pixel, yellow/orange TFEL display has a typical luminance of 46 cd/m2, a greater than 160¡ viewing angle, and a MTTF of over 50,000 hrs. The unit operates off of 5V and 12V supplies, packs pow-er-saving electronics, and dissipates 7.8W (typical). Its operating temperature range extends from Ð25¡C to +65¡C. For more details and pricing, contact Bill Coots at LITE ARRAY INC., Novato, CA. (415) 382-1496.

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