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TFT LCD Achieves Luminance Of 800 Candelas Per Sq. In.

The Angleview is a 10.4" VGA, color TFT LCD that achieves a luminance of 800 candelas per square inch (nits) with no increase in power consumption or thermal dissipation. According to the company, the display provides a 60% boost in luminance and an 80% reduction in surface reflectivity, which corresponds to an eight-times increase in the effective contrast ratio under daylight conditions.
Three models, the ENH104V2-400, -650 and -800, offer luminance levels of 400, 650 and 800 nits, respectively. The ENH104V2-400 features a contrast-ratio enhancement and the -650 adds a reflective polarizer. All three models have the same mechanical, 10.4" package and will be available in 8.4" VGA, 12.1" VGA and 15" XGA versions in the future. Pricing for the ENH104V2-400, -650 and -800 is $610, $655 and $760 each/100, respectively.


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