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TFT LCD Prototype Sets Size Record

With a 52-in. wide screen designed for HDTV, the 52W unit recently demonstrated by L.G. Philips Co. Ltd. is the world's largest thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display (TFT LCD). Its 1920- by 1080-pixel resolution or 2.07 million pixels is more than seven times what a standard-definition TV has and twice as many as that found in many HDTVs.

Built using the company's Super-In-Plane-Switching (S-IPS) technology, the 52W also has the widest viewing angle for LCDs—176°—with a minimum of color shift. It has a 500:1 contrast ratio and a 16:9 aspect ratio as well.

Typical LCDs, which use a twisted-nematic (TN) design, require a separate, wide polarizer filter to enhance viewing angles. They have an average viewing angle of 90° from top to bottom and 110° from left to right. Yet the S-IPS technology continuously rotates the liquid crystals. This increases the viewing angle of a large-screen LCD up to 176° from any direction, essentially equaling CRT viewing angles. Moreover, it diminishes gray color shift for screen quality that rivals that of CRTs. S-IPS' half-contrast angle allows for a reduced color shift seen by the human eye for higher-quality images, especially on large screens, too.

Mass production of the 52W TFT LCD will begin late this year.

L.G. Philips LCD Co. Ltd.

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