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TFT-LCDs Feature Wider Viewing Angles

TFT-LCDs Feature Wider Viewing Angles

Employing Optrex’s Super Wide View (SWV) technology, the company’s latest family of TFT-LCDs deliver wide viewing angles with maximum color accuracy. SWV solves the color shifting problems inherent in traditional twisted nematic (TN) and vertical alignment (VA) type displays. It reduces the amount of light scattering in the matrix, provides a super wide viewing angle of greater than 170º, and ensures that colors will be the most accurate when viewed from any direction. The family includes three series. The 5” diagonal T-55423GD050JU-LW-A series WVGA panels feature a slim design with a total module thickness of 3.5 mm and a standard CMOS interface, along with 300 nits  brightness and a 600:1 contrast ratio. The T-55583GD050J-LW-A-AAN is a high-brightness version featuring 800 nits with a 900:1 contrast ratio. The 9” diagonal T-55561D090J-LW-A series WVGA panels feature 100k hours LED backlighting, 350 nits brightness, and a 900:1 contrast ratio, along with standard LVDS interface and a wide operating temperature of -30C to +80° C. The 15” diagonal T-55519D150J-LW-A series XGA panels feature 100k hours LED backlighting, 350 nits brightness, and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. A high brightness version, the T-55519D150J-LW-A-ABN, features 1,100 nits. Pricing starts below $100 each for a 5” WVGA panel production quantities. OPTREX AMERICA INC., Plymouth, MI. (734) 416-8500.

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