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Thin-Film Resistors Find Hybrid Applications

For chip-resistor designs, high reliability can be successfully gained by utilizing a thin-film-on-Aluminum-Nitride design. The thin-film components from State of the Art have a maximum power rating that is five times higher than conventional chip resistors. The designs come with two termination styles. The first—ground isolation—features a solderable solid bottom pad and two solderable top-surface terminals. The second style—ground connect—boasts a single wraparound. This wraparound connects the resistor to a solderable bottom pad. It has a single top surface pad for the other connection.

These high-power resistors are available in values from 10 and 1000 ohms. They have tolerances of +/− 0.1% and a temperature coefficient of resistance to 50 ppm. A variety of case sizes are available from 1206 (0.125 × 0.65 in.) to 3838 (0.375 × 0.375 in.).

The compact, lightweight, high-power designs are ideal for high-current-pulse applications like power supplies. They also are suitable as microwave terminations. In fact, their thin-film design makes them ideal for applications in which current noise is a consideration. As an added benefit, Aluminum Nitride is a low-toxic alternative for use in programs that require environmentally friendly products.

Pricing is under $1.00 in production quantities. Current delivery is stock to eight weeks ARO. Free product samples and datasheets are available upon request.

State of the Art, Inc.
2470 Fox Hill Rd., State College, PA 16803-1797; (800) 458-3401,

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