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TI DLP Chipset Enables 'Big Picture' Mobile Experience

DLP Technology from Texas Instruments (TI) announced production availability of a DLP Pico chipset, which includes an imaging chip and a processor to enable a new class of handheld and mobile projection products, at the Mobile World Congress today. These chips, which will be available in the second half of 2008, will improve the visual display experience from handheld devices and transform their use from "tiny screen" viewing to "big picture" viewing, according to a TI release. The chipset is geared to meet the growing need for mobile consumer communication and entertainment devices, and it leverages the core technologies behind DLP home theater projectors and DLP Cinema. "Transforming and improving the way content is experienced from mobile devices has taken a giant step forward with the announcement of production availability of DLP Pico chipset," Frank J. Moizio, business manager of emerging markets for TI's DLP Front Projection, said in a statement. The DLP Pico chipset will consist of the DLP Pico chip and the DLP Pico processor (DDP1500 and DDP1505). The DPP1500 is targeted at embedded applications for handheld devices, while the DDP1505 will serve the standalone handheld companion market. The DLP Pico solution delivers an aperture ratio of more than 92 percent, tens of thousands of pixel elements, switching speeds of less than 20 microseconds, and DarkChip native contrast ratio process technology. The chipset is also capable of displaying wide color gamuts with the flexibility to operate with the latest in LED illumination technology.

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