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TI Processors Deliver HD Performance In Internet Tablets

A new line of Internet Media Tablets from ARCHOS uses the OMAP 3 applications processor from Texas Instruments Inc. to deliver laptop-like performance and multi-format video support. The ARCHOS 5, ARCHOS 5G, and ARCHOS 7 are the industry’s first implementation of the OMAP 3 based on the 600-MHz superscalar ARM Cortex-A8 processor, according to the company.

The ARCHOS 5 offers 60- to 250-Gbytes of memory and an optimal mix of Wi-Fi technology, high-quality video, and long battery life. The 30-Gbyte ARCHOS 5G features 3.5G-ready technology for seamless connectivity and Internet browsing through a cellular network. The ARCHOS 7 boasts greater storage capacity, with 160- or 320-Gbyte options, and a larger screen for increased viewing and multimedia comfort. The devices have an 800- by 480-pixel resolution.

Optimized for maximum battery life, the OMAP 3 processors are highly integrated systems-on-chip that incorporate HD video with a TMS320C64x+ digital signal processor core, video and imaging accelerators, and video-centric peripherals, all tuned to support multi-format video. With MPEG-4 ASP and WMV9 advanced profile capability at 720p as well as DVD-quality H.264 and MPEG-2, the ARCHOS devices can decode popular video formats on the web today for a true media-on-the-go experience.

Taking advantage of the ARM Cortex-A8 processor, the new IMTs run more than 1200 million instructions per second (MIPS), allowing faster code execution for a no-compromise web browsing experience. With this performance, users gain faster access to full Web pages, TV, and video clips. They can read, write, and download e-mail, audio, and video attachments on a 5- or 7-in. touch screen display. This means users no longer need to zoom in or out to view content on a Web page.

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