Electronic Design

TI Switches Connect Multiple Devices To TV

Texas Instruments (TI) introduced two new video switches for digital video interface (DVI) or high definition multimedia interface (HDMI), which allow multiple devices to connect to a digital TV. The devices connect either two or three digital video signals—coming from devices like game consoles, digital video switch boxes, set-top boxes or DVD players—to a single HDTV display. The three-port TMDS351 and two-port TMDS251 integrate four transition minimized differential signaling (TMDS) channels, one hot plug detector and a digital display control interface on each port. Each TMDS channel supports signaling rates up to 2.5 Gbps, allowing for 1080p resolution in 12-bit color depth. The TMDS351 and TMDS251 devices are a part of TI's offering of high-performance analog and digital signal processor (DSP) products for video applications, which includes DaVinci processors, TVP7000/1 triple 8/10-bit video ADCs, and DLP technology.

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