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Timer/Counter/Analyzer Sets Performance Marks

The CNT-90 high-performance tool measures, analyzes, and calibrates frequencies, time intervals, and phase. Designed by Pendulum Instruments AB, it suits laboratory, test-system, benchtop, and field applications. Its combination of performance parameters is difficult to find in one housing in most commercially available test and measurement products.

The tool can perform 250,000 measurements/s and store them in an internal 750-kbyte memory, enabling rapid modulation-domain analysis. Its display sports 14 digits, while most other instruments only have 12. Also, it features 12-digit/s frequency resolution and 0.001° phase resolution. A versatile menu-oriented interface provides graphical displays of distribution histograms, trends, and modulation domains in addition to graphical and numerical multiparameter displays.

The CNT-90 has a standard frequency range of 300 MHz. It's available in optional frequency ranges of 3, 8, and 20 GHz. Standard USB and GPIB interfaces transfer data at 200 measurements/s. The GPIB interface is available in an SCPI/1999 mode as well as in a 53131A emulation mode for inclusion in test systems. Available now, the CNT-90 timer/counter/analyzer costs $2045.

Pendulum Instruments AB

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