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Tiny, Low-Cost, 2.4-GHz Spectrum Analyzer Shines

The Wi-Spy is a 2.4-GHz spectrum analyzer that s about the size of a small USB flash drive. According to its manufacturer, MetaGeek LLC, it s the smallest such analyzer in the world and it only costs $99. That's about 40 times less than traditional spectrum analyzers. Designers can use it to troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks, microwave ovens, cordless phones, baby monitors, and Bluetooth devices.

The instrument s radio receiver has a 90-dBm sensitivity and a top data-transfer rate of 62.5 kbits/s. Its software, which is included, only runs on Windows XP and 2000 and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or higher. Its USB 1.1 dongle should work with USB 2.0 ports as well. A Mac OS X version is under development. A third-party Linux utility is available as well, though it lacks some of the Windows version's capabilities.

The Wi-Spy software can display many wave types. It also can store real-time data for later reference, making it the perfect tool for anyone who needs to troubleshoot wireless networks or optimize wireless local-area network signal strengths.

Wi-Spy is now available through MetaGeek's Web site.

MetaGeek LLC

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