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Tiny Retardation Plates Help Shrink Size Of Laser Packages

A complete laser handling system can be packaged in a small transceiver-like housing with the AO-0.5-TZ microminiature waveplates. Measuring just 0.5mm x 0.5 mm, the waveplates are fabricated from crystal quartz and are approximately 90 microns thick. The waveplates—also known as retardation plates—change the polarization of incident radiation by unequally phase shifting the orthogonal-polarized components. Zero-order waveplates are insensitive to wavelength change, making them ideal for laser diodes or tunable lasers. The primary wavelength of the microminiature types is 1550 nm, but other wavelengths are available. The benefits are accuracy with a very short optical path, excellent temperature stability, and extended bandwidth. Each surface of a waveplate has an anti-relective coating to maximize transmission at the specified wavelength, allowing the use of higher power lasers. Sizes other than 0.5 mm x 0.5 mm are also available. TOWER OPTICAL CORP. INC., Delray Beach, FL. (800) 526-7560.


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