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Tool Tackles Embedded OS Development

Designed for use with NexCore, a component-based environment for creating embedded operating systems (OSs) and applications, the NexTest module is used to simplify component development tests. The module lets the user scan system components in execution and make arbitrary function calls. It uses an interactive approach similar to a real-time command interpreter and it can also execute pre-defined scripts.
The test module provides the user with: full access to the tested system; an X client with system-state display; the use of script languages such as Perl or Python; full monitoring of the tested system; functions for non-regression test setup; interactive debugging tests; and the ability to dynamically load the components. NexTest is available as part of a package that includes NexCore, NexBuilder, GNU Compiler, NexDep and NexDebug and that costs $4,000.


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TAGS: Components
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