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Touch-Monitor Offers Built-In USB Hub And Video Control System

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With a built-in USB hub and USB video control system for adjustment of display parameters under program control, CM2110 Industrial Touch Video Monitor has a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels non-interlaced and a maximum refresh of 75 Hz. Touch-screens are available in resistive, capacitive, or surface acoustic wave styles. The 21” digital video monitor has 0.26” dot pitch and a flat, square CRT screen. Touch software drivers are provided for DOS, Windows, Windows NT and OS/2. The monitors are available for rack or panel mounting, with the front panel sealed-panel-mount models can meet NEMA 4 standards when housed in an appropriate enclosure. Dual fan, positive pressure cooling is provided to allow operation down to 50°C ambient. The monitor is self-contained with an internal power supply for fans and interface for serial controller.

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