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Touch-Screen Software Extends Useable Input Area

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The latest version of the TSHARC touch screen device driver software enhances customization and versatility and introduces Soft-Zone technology. Soft-Zone may be used to define individual or an array of touch zones anywhere within or around the active LCD or CRT display area of a 4-, 5-, 7-, or 8-wire analog resistive touch screen. These user-defined touch areas provide complete control over the entire active area of a touch screen overlay and no longer limit input to the display GUI. The touch screen area may now be larger than the display. The Soft-Zone may be mechanically defined with a graphic overlay laminated to the top layer of the touch screen overlay. In the same way that Soft-Zones provide for input outside the display area, a Soft-Zone can also be used to curb or limit user input inside the GUI display area. The Soft-Zones feature is included with the company's Windows 9x and ME TSHARC touch screen controller driver software and is currently being added to Win NT, CE and 2000 for RS-232, PS/2, ISA bus and USB connections. HAMPSHIRE COMPANY INC., Milwaukee, WI. (414) 873-4675.

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