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Touching Brings Screen To Life With Text And Graphics

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Customizable graphics and text, horizontal and vertical screen scrolling, adaptable serial ports, and flash EPROM for storing multiple screens and large amounts of data are all built into the OP7100, a backlighted touch-screen for use wherever an interactive terminal or man-machine interface is required. The RS-232/RS-485 serial ports can connect with most computer networks or card-reading systems. And the software-controlled backlighting and a wide viewing angle enable the screen to offer a high degree of clarity.The 1/4 VGA (320 x 240-pixel), bezel-mount touch-screen display is programmable using the firm's Dynamic C language. Users can program their own fonts and symbols, and the display can be divided into regions that can be scrolled, have blinking objects, and more. A developer's kit equipped with everything needed for quick installation also is available.

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