Touchscreen Controller Delivers 40-V p-p Noise Rejection

Touchscreen Controller Delivers 40-V p-p Noise Rejection

Cypress Semiconductor’s TMA568 touchscreen controller attacks the problem of electronic noise generated by displays and chargers, which often causes disruption in touchscreen operation. Driven by the company’s TrueTouch Gen5 family’s Charger Armor technology, the device provides 40-V p-p charger noise immunity measured from 1 to 500 kHz with a 0.5-mm cover lens and a finger-size up to 22 mm. It supports writing and drawing with a 2.0-mm-tip passive stylus. As a result, touchscreens can capture characters as small as 7 mm. A palm rejection feature recognizes a user’s palm touching the screen, preventing unintended touch inputs. An entire panel can be scanned in a single pass thanks to the integration of 58 sense I/Os and 21 parallel receive channels. In addition, Cypress’ DualSense technology allows for execution of self- and mutual-capacitance in the same device, enhancing waterproofing for seamless performance. Combining this architecture with a 32-bit ARM Cortex M-Core processor enables 120-Hz refresh rates, and an average of 12-mW power consumption in active mode and 15 µW in deep-sleep mode.


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