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Transreflective TFT Displays Undeterred By Sunlight

Transreflective TFT Displays Undeterred By Sunlight

Phoenix-APhoenix Display International’s latest transreflective TFT displays specifically target demanding outdoor applications. Designed with an internal transreflector, the modules are 100% sunlight readable. They operate in reflective mode when in direct sunlight conditions, providing users with a clear image without washing out. The custom and standard color LCD screen modules come in 320-by-240 (QVGA) resolution in 2.2-, 2.8-, 3.2-, and 3.5-in. sizes, and 800-by-480 (WVGA) in a 5.0-in. size. Standard brightness ranges from 80 to 160 nits, depending on the size. In terms of customization, the company’s U.S.-based engineering team can design the module around the standard transreflective glass platform for electrical and mechanical integration into an existing project. Additional options (e.g., resistive and projected capacitive touch panels, light guide features, and flex modifications) also can be incorporated.


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