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Tri-Color Backlights Beam In Colors with Fewer LEDs

Employing a patented MicroLens molded light guide technology, the Tri-Color LED Molded Backlights are designed to deliver any color to LCDs with as few as one LED. The molded light guides use an LED with three chips to combine red, green and/or blue in varying saturation to obtain the desired backlight color for the display area.
This is accomplished by taking a certain percentage of light from each chip and blending the three values until the proper color is displayed. MicroLens are claimed to provide a similar or greater initial brightness than electroluminescent (EL) technology and 20,000 to 50,000 hours or more to half brightness over their life, depending on the chip colors used and the drive current. Pricing is approximately $4 each/250,000 for single-LED backlights measuring up to 2 in.2 or less.


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