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Triple Supply’s Four-Digit Display Offers Better Resolution

The Model 1762 triple-output dc power supply provides two variable voltage outputs of 0 to 60 V at 0 to 2 A and one variable 4- to 6.5-V, 4-A output. Each output is fully floating and can be adjusted independently or connected in series or parallel to produce higher voltages or currents. The supply’s four-digit display offers 10-mV and 1-mA resolution and the ability to set voltage and current values more accurately and precisely, compared to the three-digit displays found on many comparable power supplies. The accuracy of both the voltage and current meters is +0.5% of readings +9 digits. The unit measures 5.7 in. high by 10.5 in. deep by 15 in. wide, and weighs 21 lb. It can operate continuously at full load without overheating. The supply features low ripple and noise and over-current, over-voltage and reverse-polarity protection. Front panel indicators and controls include independent and series/parallel tracking switches, an overload indicator light, course and fine voltage adjustment knobs, and adjustable current limit controls. The Model 1762 costs $725 and is available for immediate delivery. B&K PRECISION CORP., Yorba Linda, CA. (714) 921-9095.


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