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Two ARMs, Two ARMs

Actually that is two ARM high-speed buses (AHB) that are found in NXP’s new LPC2478 and LPC2470 microcontrollers (Fig. 1). These ARM7-based solutions balance high performance peripherals with multiple buses allowing the processor and DMA to operate concurrently.

The chips also include an interesting set of peripherals such as integrated LCD support. It can handle static LCD displays up to 1024 by 768 pixels gray-scale or 24-bits/pixel color TFT panels. Other peripherals include 10/100 Ethernet, USB host/OTG/device, and two CAN channels. This combination makes it ideal for interactive applications such as mobile phones or point-of-sale systems. Other peripherals include four UARTs, three I2C buses, two-input and two-output I2S ports, SPI, SSP, RTC, ADC/DAC, SD/MMC card interface, external interfaces to SRAM, SDRAM and NOR Flash.

The 128-bit wide embedded flash incorporates error correction and is available in capacities up to 512Kbytes. There is also a battery backed up 2Kbytes of RAM with a real-time clock (RTC).

Pricing for the 208 TFBGA and LQFP packages range from $5.45 to $8.99.

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