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Ultra-Bright GaN LEDs Boast Up To 17,000 mcd

A new series of ultra-bright green, blue, and white LEDs targets a wide range of applications that require extreme brightness and solid-state reliability. The gallium-nitride (GaN) LEDs feature up to 17,000-mcd luminous intensity at 20 mA and 3.4- to 3.5-V dc operating voltages, depending upon color and version. Designed to replace subminiature incandescent lamps in a variety of applications, the high-reliability devices provide extremely uniform light. They come in water-clear resin or UV-resistant epoxy packages, depending upon color. The ultra-bright LEDs are available in T-1 and T-1 3/4 sizes with bi-pin leads for through-hole mounting. Suitable applications include indicator lights, electronic displays, signage, and automotive and outdoor lighting. The ultra-bright LEDs start at $0.60 each in 10 million-unit lots.

Gilway Technical Lamp
www.gilway.com; (781) 935-4442

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