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Ultra-Compact Package Launches 10-Gbit/s Transponder

Dramatic reductions in the size and cost, as well as increased efficiency, are promised for optoelectric communication systems using TransLight II, a high-performance optical transmitter/receiver that also contains clock synthesis and recovery circuitry, as well as mux/demux for 16 channels--all in a single package. Markets for the 10-Gbit/s transponder include inter- and intra-office SONET/SDH, subscriber loop, metro area network, and high-speed datacomm systems.Among the more impressive features TransLight II crams into its pigtailed, low-profile, 3.5" x 4.5" x 0.6" package are a 16-channel, 622-Mbit/s multiplexer/demultiplexer, 1.31- or 1.55-µm DFB laser transmitter and PIN or APD receiver, a differential LVDS data interface, and automatic transmitter optical power control. The opto device also houses a laser bias monitor output, optical transmitter disable input, and receiver photodiode current monitor. And among its circuitry protective features are loss of signal and power alarms and a diagnostic loopback capability.

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