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Ultrasonic Welder Joins Thermoplastic Parts

Available in 2500W and 4000W configurations, Model 1595 15 kHz ultrasonic welding system is particularly well-suited for joining large parts made of high-performance engineering thermoplastics and some polyolefins. Because of the longer resonant length of metals at 15 kHz, it is possible to design much larger horns that can operate at higher amplitude than smaller 20 kHz types. This increased size allows welding of larger parts. Also, the lower frequency lets the system weld faster with less material degradation and better weld integrity. Yet another advantage is a decrease in attenuation in plastics, allowing the joining of materials at greater field distances. For example, applications that could only be joined with a vibration welder can now be welded with the 15 kHz equipment. A linear optical encoder provides precise weld depth control. Options include mP controls and job storage. Accessories include sound enclosures, display monitors and several mounting styles. Welders are installed as manually operated pneumatic press units.


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