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UML Highlights MDD At ESC

Two major Unified Modelilng Language (UML) vendors, Mentor Graphics and Telelogic, had some major model-driven design (MDD) announcements at the Embedded Systems Conference, held in April in San Jose, Calif.

Telelogic has teamed up with I-Logix. The match is a good one, as Telelogic has appeal in the enterprise and business space, while I-Logix is strong in the embedded development arena. Mentor Graphics also played some name games, so its Accelerated Technology solutions are now under the Mentor banner.

Yet the products were the real meat at the show. Telelogic's Rhapsody 6.2 adds some major enhancements, including a graphical differencing display for all UML diagrams. Text-based difference tools have been used for years with conventional programming languages, so this addition is a major boost for Rhapsody. Integration with Wind River's Eclipse-based Workbench was another significant improvement. A host of other useful enhancements included support for Mozilla and Firefox.

Mentor's Eclipse-based Edge UML Suite now includes the C++ model compiler. It now supports Clearcase version control. Translation speed from UML to C/C++ code has almost doubled. Not surprisingly, the suite supports graphical difference display between diagrams. The Edge UML Suite support for direct model execution also has been improved. Its debug trace output is stored as an XML file, so developers can use XSLT style sheets to customize the display of trace results.


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