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Unit Combines Scope And True RMS Multimeter

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The functions of a handheld graphical oscilloscope and a True RMS multimeter are combined in the portable Model 381265 Mini MultiScope II. The dual mode display, measuring 2.8" x 1.5", includes a graphical display for observing actual voltage and current waveforms and a numeric display with 3-3/4-digit resolution and analog bargraph.
Model 381265 features a dc-to-100 kHz oscilloscope with a sample rate of 1 MSPS and 500 ns glitch capture. An adjustable trigger level and slope allows the user to observe more complex waveforms. Up to 15 waveforms can be stored.
MultiMeter functions include True RMS ac voltage and current, dc voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, diode and continuity tests. Measuring 3.6" x 7.4" x 2.2", pricing for the handheld device is $249.

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