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Universal Battery Platform Gives Device Keeps Mobile Devices Powered Up to 10 Times Longer

Addressing the needs and power challenges of the digital lifestyle, MFUEL has launched a line of innovative high capacity digital power supplies that allow consumers to use a single high capacity Lithium Ion battery to fuel all portable electronics, such as laptops, mobile phones, iPods®, digital cameras, DVD, CD, and MP3 players while on the go. MFUEL’s innovative digital power platform sets a new standard of flexibility for mobile workers as they move from office, to the road, at home or in the car, while remaining “always-on.”

“We have now reached the inflection point at which users need a single solution to power their myriad of devices as their office goes truly mobile,” said Peter Cozzolino, Product Development Manager, MFUEL. “In the past consumers have been forced to carry several different power supplies that are specific to each device. MFUEL changes that by offering a universal power platform that provides true interoperability with the devices you need to use while on the go.”

MFUEL’s next-generation of universal power supplies addresses user needs for mobility in a single all-in-one digital solution. Using MFUEL, out-of-the-box users can power 95% of all notebook computers on the market today including popular models from Dell, IBM and HP as well as 90% of all mobile devices from leading manufacturers such as Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, LG, and Palm. The MFUEL Universal Power Bank™ charges and powers Notebooks for up to 12 additional hours while traveling and is the only device on the market that enables simultaneous charging of two devices at one time. The Power Bank also allows users to safely monitor the charging progress through a digital display on the power device.

“If you have ever waited in line at the power outlet in an airport, you know how being without power limits your productivity,” continues Peter Cozzolino. “With MFUEL, you now have an additional 12 hours of power to keep you up and working from anywhere in the world.”

The Power Bank’s universal battery platform is the first digital-based open platform power supply that offers the deep capability for users to power almost any device, anywhere across the globe. Using a “Universal Input Adapter” that comes with the Power Bank, users can plug their proprietary notebook’s AC adapter into the Power Bank to recharge it, eliminating the need to carry multiple chargers. Typical interchangeable Hot Tips™ included with the bundle are 12 notebook, 8 mobile phone, 2 Ethernet, and 6 USB tips for data transfer and power charging, making MFUEL’s Power Bank interoperable with the most popular devices on the market today “Out-of-the-Box”. The display indicates charge time, battery level, and approximate charging time along with run time available to your devices. MFUEL Power Bank measures approximately 10- by 4- by 1-inches and weighs in at just about 1.5 pounds. Further, MFUEL is compatible with power currencies all over the world including 110V and 220V AC and DC power supplies. In fact, the Power Bank works with any AC wall outlet throughout the world with the included World Jack™.

MFUEL offers three Power Bank bundles that target the unique digital needs of customers:

  • The Portable Electronics Power Bank™ is geared towards peripheral electronics users and offers users up to 65 hours of additional mobile device talk or play time, recharges anywhere in over 120 countries with the included 5 watt universal wall charger, includes 16 Hot Tips for mobile phone, iPod®, Ethernet, & USB compatibility, a 6ft. retractable power/data cable, a travel bag, and retails for $199.00.
  • The Notebook Power Bank™ is geared to laptop users and provides up to 10 hours of additional notebook run time, recharges anywhere in over 120 countries with the included World Jack™ travel plug and your notebook computer’s propriety charger, includes 12 Hot Tips for notebook compatibility, a 6’ retractable power cable, a travel bag, and retails for $299.00.
  • The third product is the Universal Power Bank™ which combines the best features of the Notebook Power Bank and Portable Electronics Power Bank by simultaneously charging a notebook and a portable electronics device for up to 12 hours, recharges anywhere in over 120 countries with the included World Jack™ travel plug, includes 12 Notebook, 8 Cell Phone, 2 Ethernet, and 6 USB Hot Tips for universal compatibility, two 6ft. retractable power/data cables, a travel bag, retailing at $399.00.
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