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VCSEL Lasers Exhibit High Stability

The ZLTM60001/2 family of 850-nm oxide-confined VCSEL lasers employ a patent-pending optical system to minimize variations in the optical far field when current and temperature change. Reportedly, this optical system produces a very stable output beam that closely matches the circular shape of the fiber core, resulting in a high coupling efficiency. This allows the VCSELs to be used with standard fiber connectors, eliminating the need for customized connectors with lenses. The devices operate at rates up to 3.1 Gb/s and are designed for equipment operating at wavelengths from 740 nm to 920 nm. The ZL60001 without monitor and ZL60002 with monitor are available in a variety of packages with different bonding options, power levels, temperature ranges, and housings. Prices are $6 and $8 each/100,000, respectively. For more details, contact ZARLINK SEMICONDUCTOR, Ottawa, Canada. (613) 270-7115.


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