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Verification Suite Offers State Diagram View

The Undertow VIII verification suite now includes several additional ways to view design environments, including state diagram view and RTL schematic view. Both are derived directly from users' Verilog source code. The state-diagram view provides users with several powerful analysis features, including state stepping, state path analysis, state coverage and state coincidence. State diagrams can be stepped both forward and backward. Other features include a waveform window to instantly display waveforms, even from very large waveform files. Users may view any number of files (both analog and digital) with an unlimited number of waveform panes. A source code window enables users to step their source code forward or backward, and to instantly go to the exact line of source code from any signal transition on the waveform window. Platforms include Windows 95/NT, Linux, Sun 4.x, Solaris, SGI and others.


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