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Video Filter/Driver Ups Integration Ante

The FMS6406 comes to market as the industry's most highly integrated standard-definition low-pass reconstruction video filter/driver. Its sound-notch and output drivers meet the latest cable and satellite set-top box performance requirements of 170-ns group delay pre-distortion. The device compensates for TV receiver distortion via a group delay and chroma-luma delay pre-distortion circuit that prevents high-frequency edges from distorting on the display. Its notch filter creates a window at approximately 4.5 MHz to eliminate interference between audio/video signals before they meld within the RF modulator. The individual chrominance and luminance outputs directly drive an S-video output, and are also internally summed to form a composite video signal. Both S-video and composite outputs provide a fixed gain of 6 dB and accommodate either ac or dc coupling. Other FMS6406 features include: dual fifth-order, 7.6-MHz low-pass filters; RF modulator support; a 4.5-MHz sound trap; ac-coupled inputs and a dc-restoration circuit; Y/C and CV filtered outputs with 50 dB stopband attenuation at 27 MHz with a better than 0.5 dB flatness to 4.2 MHz; and all outputs are capable of driving 2 Vp-p into either a single or dual 75O load. Available in an 8-pin SOIC package, price is $1.69 each/1,000. FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR, San Jose, CA. (408) 822-2314.


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