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Video Generator Tests High-Resolution Displays

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The Model 822 600-MHz video test generator features a configurable mainframe that lets users choose between monochrome outputs for the medical industry and color outputs for the computer-display industry. The instrument produces a video output with a rise time of 360 ps, a video noise specification of under 5 mV, and a jitter of less than 90 ps. An on-screen oscilloscope trigger is claimed to allow users to pinpoint possible design problems quickly. Bitmap files can also be downloaded via the instrument's USB port. Other features include self-calibration, over 130 standard test images, and over 150 popular formats including 18 HDTV formats. Custom formats, images and sequences can be created and stored using the built-in user interface or by using a PC with the Windows 9x/NT-based software that comes with the generator. The Model 822 is priced at $21,500 for a single-channel, 12 bit/pixel monochrome version and $36,500 for a 36 bit/pixel color version.

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