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VMEbus Card Shows Two Video Windows

Designed for display consoles and digital graphics systems such as naval command and airborne displays, the Puma 6U, VMEbus COTS video card can display two live video windows. The signal can be from any combination of four independent color or greyscale composite inputs, that can be PAL, NTSC, CCIR or RS-170 format, and a single high-resolution RGB input. Frame synchronized video switching avoids unwanted video tearing artifacts.Windows generated from a composite video source can be zoom enlarged up to four times or zoom reduced to one sixteenth the original size. A window generated from the RGB input can be zoom enlarged up to two times and zoom reduced to one quarter of its original size. And additional video windows can be generated by daisychaining multiple Puma cards via standard DVI/PanelLink cables. For further information, call PRIMAGRAPHICS LTD., Amherst, MA. (413) 256-1280.

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