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Wearable Monitor Sets Standard For EMR Protection

Wearable Monitor Sets Standard For EMR Protection

As per the company, the Nardalert S3 is the world’s most accurate, versatile non-ionizing radiation (NIR) monitor for wearable and fixed-area monitoring applications. The Nardalert S3 detects electromagnetic (EM) radiation levels from 100 kHz to 50 GHz. It includes a detachable sensor pack that eliminates the need to remove the S3 from service for sensor calibration or repair. Other features include a top-mounted white-LED-backlit color LCD display, comprehensive Windows software that manages a database of measured data, a mini-USB 2.0 interface, fiber-optic interface, and the ability to operate from either rechargeable RCR123 lithium or standard CR123 lithium batteries. The S3 will operate for about 25 hours on a charge. NARDA MICROWAVE - EAST, Hauppauge, NY. (631) 231-1700.

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