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White OLEDs Live Longer And More Efficiently

White OLEDs Live Longer And More Efficiently

Achieving a breakthrough, the company has demonstrated white, top-emitting OLEDs with a lifetime exceeding 50,000 hours and a power efficiency of 30 lm/W at an initial luminance of 1,000 cd/m2. The white top emitting OLED structure extends the realization of OLED lighting products made on metal substrates, which harbor advantages such as good heat dissipation, mechanical stability, bendable designs, as well as opening the roadmap towards low cost roll-to-roll production. The long-living OLED employs the company’s PIN OLED technology with its proprietary doping and host materials in association with a blue fluorescent emitting material. In addition the device has an ITO-free top contact and incorporates a proprietary light extraction material layer to enhance the efficiency. At the same time this out-coupling material reduces the color shift over a wide viewing angle. For further information, call NOVALED AG, Dresden, Germany. +49 351 796580.


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