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Wi-Fi Temp And Humidity Data Logger Does Remote Monitoring

Wi-Fi Temp And Humidity Data Logger Does Remote Monitoring

lascar_0717-ALascar has extended the reach of its EasyLog brand with the addition of the EL-WiFi-TH, a Wi-Fi temperature and humidity data logger. Designed to allow remote monitoring of the environment in which it is placed, the sensor streams data collected back to the PC via a standard Wi-Fi network. Supplied with a micro USB cable and software, the user connects the sensor to the host PC to choose a preferred Wi-Fi network and program the device. Then the user can detach the unit and locate it anywhere within the range of the Wi-Fi network to record temperature and humidity. The display allows users to view the strength of the Wi-Fi signal, the minimum and maximum temp/RH readings and last log. Users can also change the settings of any sensor on the system remotely using the supplied control software. Multiple sensors can be set-up, depending on router type and network strength. The EL-WiFi-TH is available at a cost of $185 per sensor.

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