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Wide-VGA Driver Enlists PenTile RGBW Technology

The company has extended its PenTile RGBW technology for inclusion in Tomato LSI wide-screen VGA driver ICs to simplify implementation of the technology into wide-screen mobile panels. The technology reportedly increases brightness and manages power consumption. The wide-format driver adds to the PenTile RGBW drivers already being produced in standard qVGA and VGA resolutions. According to the company, the technology can double screen brightness or reduce power consumption by 50%. Tomato LSI will produce the first commercially available 3-chip PenTile RGBW driver for amorphous silicon TFT VGA display panels measuring up to 5" diagonal. The chipset combines a pair of column drivers with a single row driver. The driver will support an 800 x 480 format and 8-bit color. Samples are available now, with production expected by the third quarter. CLAIRVOYANTE LABORATORIES INC., Sebastopol, CA. (707) 824-2060.

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