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Wideband 3GPP W-CDMA Instrument Combines Multiple Test Functions

Designed as a digital mobile transmitter tester, Anritsu's MS8608A doubles as a power meter and a spectrum analyzer. Aimed at third-generation partnership-project (3GPP) W-CDMA applications, it can test basestations and mobile basestation amplifiers at the R&D and production stages.

The MS8608A can measure modulation analysis, code-domain power, transmission power, occupied bandwidth, and spurious emissions. Its 9-kHz to 7.8-GHz range supports 3GPP W-CDMA applications. Also, the instrument's built-in power meter measures frequencies from 10 MHz to 3 GHz and power levels of 40 to −20 dBm. Amplitude measurements can be made down to −60 dBm within ±0.6 dBm.

It features an analysis bandwidth of 20 MHz, and it can measure transmission power within ±0.4 dB. Its adjacent-channel power specification is −68 dBc at an offset of 5 MHz and −75 dBc at an offset of 10 MHz. Installed MX860801A W-CDMA measurement software performs modulation and code-domain analysis on RF and I/O signals, according to the 3GPP specifications for W-CDMA.

Designers can measure frequency and modulation with a typical modulation accuracy that's less than 1% and an origin offset accuracy within ±0.5 dB. Code-domain analysis is conducted with power-measurement accuracy within ±0.1 dB and an error-measurement accuracy within ±0.5 dB. A transmitter measurement-control power function lets users perform relative power-per-slot and go/no-go evaluation.

Furthermore, the MS8608A can measure adjacent-channel power using sweep methods as well as a filter method. In the sweep mode, it can calculate and display the result after each adjacent channel is measured, or after the entire sweep has been made. It then displays the power of adjacent channels after passing through built-in receiving filters.

The MS8608A is priced at $35,000. A precision frequency reference, model number MS8608A-1, costs $2200. In addition, the MX-860801A software costs $5500. Availability is from stock.

Anritsu Company, North America, 1155 E. Collins Blvd., Richardson, TX 75081; (972) 761-4633; fax (972) 671-1877; www.us.anritsu.com.

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