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WiMAX, WiFi Multi-Mode Transceiver Chip Is Energy-Efficient

With support for both IEEE 802.16e WiMAX and 802.11b/g WLAN in one CMOS rf silicon chip, the SMARTi WiMAX transceiver will allow broadband wireless applications to incorporate value-added services beyond 3G. These include high-speed data downloads, video sharing, and VoIP. The chip handles the entire spectrum of licensed WiMAX frequencies, permitting worldwide implementation and seamless roaming with one device.

The SMARTi WiMAX takes advantage of Infineon’s advanced semi-ball-grid-array packaging technology, creating a footprint of only 5 by 5 mm, nearly 50% smaller than competing solutions. The chip also consumes 50% less power than the industry benchmark, according to Infineon. The integration of all the needed configurable baseband filters into the chip reduces handset bill-of-materials costs. Also, the SMARTi WiMAX supports multiple channel bandwidths—from 3.5 MHz to 20 MHz—as well as a wide range of clock frequencies. The result is a very flexible solution that that can interface with any standard WiMAX or WiFi baseband on the market using the chip’s standard analog I/Q and serial programming interfaces.

Sample quantities of the SMARTi WiMAX are available now, with mass production scheduled for the second half of 2007. Contact the company for prices. Visit www.infineon.com.

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