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Wireless Docking Station Uses WiQuest RF Solution

Kensington has selected WiQuest Communications Inc. as the sole wireless USB solution provider for the new Wireless USB Docking Station—the first wireless USB docking station certified by the USB-IF. The system uses WiQuest’s Wireless USB Device Mini Card reference design. The single-radio reference design is optimized to support robust audio and video for typical office and Internet applications. It features multiple ports to support a variety of PC peripherals, including one video out (DVI/VGA), one stereo audio out, one front USB port, and four back USB ports.

The Wireless Docking Station combines video, audio, and USB connectivity using the industry standard Wireless USB technology. A secure wireless connection from a notebook PC is automatically made to an external display/monitor, speakers, and up to five wired USB peripherals without plugging in a single cable to the PC. Docking is easily accomplished by simply coming into range of the wireless docking station. Undocking is just as easy by moving the notebook away.

“WiQuest’s complete solution and leadership track record in wireless gave us confidence that we could claim the lead position in wireless docking and reinforce our strength in notebook PC computing accessories for the mobile consumer,” said Leonard Tsang, regional product marketing manager at Kensington.


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